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cokoh, is a Colorado Company at its roots. Our retail dispensary partner, Cure (Cure CO, PA, & OKC), was founded in 2009, and serves thousands of loyal patients per week. We are well established experts that pride ourselves on a great customer experience. Our staff has combined experience equivalent to decades of cultivating, processing and dispensing legal medical marijuana products. From our stylish retail locations, to the more recent launch of our cokoh product line – we are delivering natural treatment that we truly believe in, to patients nationwide.

cokoh caters to those seeking comfort, quality, and trust. Our CO2 extraction and proprietary refinement process provides a safe and consistent extract to incorporate into all of our cokoh products.  All of our products pass strict internal and state mandated testing procedures, including utilizing third party state licensed testing labs. We pride ourselves on producing top notch products, every time. 

From every product to every interaction, we let our patients know that they can trust their treatment and have confidence in what we offer. Our paired-down, best-in-class packaging focuses on what’s important – a simple, competitively priced solution to many complex conditions.   

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